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meet shoplogix

project overview.

Shoplogix is a technology company. Their cloud-based platform provides manufacturers with real-time data presented in user-friendly visual dashboards, innovative features, and opportunities for continuous growth. Various industries such as automotive, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and industrial packaging utilize Shoplogix's platform to manage and optimize operations.

what is shoplogix?

The goal of the project is to design a mobile app for operators and floor managers of a manufacturing plant. The current Shoplogix platform is not responsive which makes it difficult for users to access data away from their work environment. To ensure users can view their real-time manufacture data throughout the day, a mobile app is necessary.

project goal

This project is one I assigned myself. Upon exploring UI/UX design project opportunities at Shoplogix, I gained approval to spend a part of my day designing a mobile app for the company and its customers. This was mostly a personal project, but credit is due to my colleagues who mentored and assisted me throughout the process.

my role + team

primary research

The primary research for this project is conducting user interviews. This app is for existing customers, so I reached out to 20+ internal and external users to avoid false consensus bias. Due to the time constraint, the main purpose of the interview was to learn about the important features to end-users that should be prioritized in phase 1. Therefore, the two biggest questions were regarding what Shoplogix and app feature they expect on the first version. The interview, conducted using google meets, was recorded and detailed notes were taken to prevent recency and primary bias.

user research.

secondary research

Upon understanding user needs, the next step in user research is to search for resources that have similar features as the  interviews.​ For example, most interviewees emphasized the importance of push notifications to ensure they are alerted when a machine fails. Hence, I gathered apps with such feature and studied the industry standard and design ideas to incorporate into the mockup. This process was repeated for every feature that will be added.

The next step was to build a wireframe that helps communicate the structure of the app to the customers. Given the time constraint, I quickly drew wireframes of the main interfaces on my tablet and began replicating it digitally on Figma to create a mockup. 

The mockup contains the necessary interfaces for a complete user flow. With the app, customers can login securely and view the real-time status of their machines. They may also send alerts to other departments if there are any issues. 

The design focuses on accessibility, branding, and usability. Since customers are from all over the world, there is an option to change the default language. The colour schemes and icons are consistent with the web view. Finally, the interfaces are intuitive such that it is easy to navigate.



view figma


Moving forward with my design career, I will utilize the knowledge and skills gained from working on this project to emphasize with users to create a solution for a specific audience. In addition, incorporating other design processes such as wireframes and user testing would have improved my final product. I hope to practice these skills more often in my upcoming projects.​


This project has taught me extensively about UI/UX design in a fast-paced environment. I was unable to practice all steps involved in design, but learned which processes should be prioritized and how to use my time effectively. Working in a collaborative environment also improved my social  and public speaking skills. What stood out the most about this project is reaching out to numerous customers and understanding their needs for a solid design objective and goal. Their inputs were crucial in my decision-making.

final thoughts

moving forward.

manager to green light objectives and goals

manny bonilla

vp product strategy

mentor who assisted in design choices

scarlett zhang

ui | ux designer

provided existing documentation on project

henry yiu

product manager

connected me with customers for interviews

nick marchioli

vp sales

Made suggestions on requirements

carlos midence


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