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brawl stars redesign idea #3.

improve battle log page

Used user research cohort to identify issue

user research.

problem identification.

Problem: battle log does not provide enough information about the game, users cannot download the video

Current Version:

Brainstormed potential solutions and conducted user testing with cohort for additional inputs

ideating potential solutions.

Moved every actionable items to the right side. The battle log flips to show advanced game statistics

design solution.

user testing.

Feedback: it is not clear that the box is meant to flip after clicking the information button

Updated Version:

Method: Present the design solution to cohorts for immediate feedback

This redesign introduces features that users felt was missing from the battle log. It adheres to the needs of all users. For hardcore gamers, they can see advanced statistics. For influencers, they can easily download previous games to post on their social media. 

why is this better?

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