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meet brawl stars.

project overview.

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer mobile game featuring fast-paced 3v3 and Battle Royale gameplay, where players can choose from a variety of characters with unique abilities to compete in various game modes.


As with many games, there is always room for design improvements to elevate the user experience. This sentiment is echoed by the community, including my friends and I, who have encountered various challenges and frustrations during our years of engaging with this game.


The objective is to start fresh, redefining both requirements and specifications from the ground up. Once a clear vision for the product is established, the subsequent step involves a redesign of the platform, tailored to harmonize with the reimagined user flow.


Title: UI/UX Designer
Responsibilities: user research, ideation, mockups, user testing


Interviewed six classmates, both casual and hardcore Brawl Stars players, to identify issues with the current game design

user research cohort.

Average 7 hours/week

Aaron J

playing since 2019

Average 8 hours/week

Isabella Q

Playing since 2019

Average 5 hours/week

Ryan H

Playing since 2020

Average 7 hours/week

Adam V

Playing since 2020

Average 10 hours/week

Christopher D

Playing since 2020

Average 4 hours/week

Ashvin M

Playing since 2021

Below are 6 redesign ideas derived from user research. Click on each to learn about my process to improve the current design

redesign ideas.

Improve Accessibility of Finding Brawlers

Redesign Idea #1

Redesign Brawler Preview Box

Redesign Idea #2

Improve Battle Log Page

Redesign Idea #3

Add Function to Claim All Rewards

Redesign Idea #4

Improve Accessibility of Daily Freebies

Redesign Idea #5

Improve Accessibility of Selecting In-Game Emotes

Redesign Idea #6

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