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meet FC 24.

project overview.

FC 24 is a popular football simulation video game that offers an immersive experience with enhanced graphics, realistic gameplay mechanics, and updated team rosters reflecting the latest in global soccer.


To improve the overall user experience in FC 24, it is essential to address any suboptimal user interface design seen in this year’s release, which has been leading to user frustration and dissatisfaction.


Focusing on resolving a significant pain point in this year's release of FC 24 can establish a foundational understanding that will not only enhance the current game's performance but also serve as a valuable reference for continual improvements in future iterations.


Title: UI/UX Designer
Responsibilities: user research, mockups


reddit forums.

problem identification.

Problem: Have to scroll through every objective categories to find the completed objective, red dot that indicates a completed objective is hard to see

Current Versions:

Users can clearly see under which category their completed objectives are. The completed objectives are also more obvious with a more prominent red dot.

design solution.

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