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meet smart livewell.


project overview.

Smart livewell is an advanced livewell system equipped with a suite of technologies to improve the management and welfare of fish during a bass fishing tournament. The product comes with a well integrated web application that tracks and displays real-time data to users.


There are several problems anglers face when participating in a tournament. It is difficult to maintain the health and viability of fish during catch-and-release. Additionally, having to use a balance beam to weight the fish multiple times is daunting and time consuming.


Smart livewell solves the problem of maintaining the health and accurate documentation of caught fish, with features like a pump/filter system for water quality, PH and temperature sensors, a loaded weight scale for recording catch size, and Bluetooth connectivity for real-time data tracking, all aimed at enhancing the efficiency of fishing tournaments.


Title: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher
Responsibilities: Persona, journey map, user flow, wireframing, high/low fidelity prototyping, user testing


pain points.

Poor water conditions in live well can harm or even kill the fish

1.  fish management

Comparing the fish weight on a balance beam is tedious

2.  weighting process

The available fish scales are inaccurate

3.  inaccurate readings

Users have to manually keep a record of their catches

4.  record keeping

Created two personas to better understand and address the distinct needs and preferences of their target audience


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Created multiple iterations of the user journey map to refine and optimize the overall user experience, ensuring that all touchpoints are seamlessly integrated and user-friendly

user journey map.

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Created multiple iterations of user flow to identify and eliminate any potential friction points, ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation experience for the users

user flow.

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Created two personas to better understand and address the distinct needs and preferences of their target audience.


Objective: While walking around the room and browsing other capstone group's infographics, provide any feedback in the earlier stages of the project. This means feedback will also be received.

Infographic: A visual poster that contains the main components of the capstone project: problem space, end users, design approach, system components, and testing & evaluation.

gallery walk

gallery walk infographic.

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rough sketches.

medium-fidelity wireframes.

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high-fidelity wireframes.

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This marks the first half of the capstone project. Below are accessible links to a comprehensive report and a presentation, both encompassing details on the hardware and software components of the project as well as the design methods.

end of phase 1

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moving forward.

redesign: The initial plan was to create a mobile web application, but the group has changed to a mobile app due to bluetooth connection issues. First step of phase 2 is to migrate the design into a mobile app view and changing the design elements to meet the standard.

testing:​ Enhance the current design by engaging in comprehensive user testing to gather detailed feedback and actionable insights.

plans for phase 2

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