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meet stocate.

project overview.

Stocate serves as a transformative platform, inspiring consumers towards sustainable living by showcasing its eco-conscious practices and presenting viable alternatives that align with a greener lifestyle.


The web and app were developed without adhering to a comprehensive design process, leading to inconsistencies and notable flaws within the user flow.


The objective is to start fresh, redefining both requirements and specifications from the ground up. Once a clear vision for the product is established, the subsequent step involves a redesign of the platform, tailored to harmonize with the reimagined user flow.


Title: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher
Responsibilities: Persona, journey map, user flow, wireframing, high/low fidelity prototyping, and user testing.


pain points.

Browsing online lacks the experience of in-person shopping

1.  online experience

Shopping local is more difficult during the pandemic

2.  pandemic

Hard to find specific information and availability for local offerings.

3.  availability

Easy to lose track of stores/items due to Plateau/Mile-end diversity and concentration

4.  retention

Created two primary and two secondary personas to better understand and address the distinct needs and preferences of their target audience


Created a user journey map to refine and optimize the overall user experience, ensuring that all touchpoints are seamlessly integrated and user-friendly

user journey map.

view figma

Created a user flow to identify and eliminate any potential friction points, ensuring a smooth and intuitive navigation experience for the users

user flow.

view figma

The redesign process entailed a strategic blend of the previous version and insightful user feedback. As adjustments were meticulously implemented, particular emphasis was placed on maintaining a harmonious branding identity and ensuring unwavering consistency across the entirety of the application. Each app category underwent rigorous user testing, with a commitment to refining and enhancing until all possible feedback had been addressed comprehensively.

refining the design

This is the full app design that existed prior to me joining the team

old version.

view figma


This is the full app design completed by myself

new version.

view figma


In addition to the primary redesign project highlighted above, there were other pivotal responsibilities that played a crucial role in driving the overall enhancement of Stocate.

Product Process Flow: Stocate's product team lacked a well-defined process for effectively managing user feedback. To rectify this, a comprehensive workflow was crafted, spanning from the initial receipt of feedback through the phases of requirement/specification, design, user testing, and handover to the tech team.

User Feedback Dashboard: The user feedback dashboard within Stocate was plagued by numerous pain points that hindered its effective utilization by the team. The primary objective was to revamp and elevate the searching and browsing experience, thereby enhancing the dashboard's overall functionality.

User Feedback Email: Embedded within Stocate's core values lies a profound connection with its users. Recognizing the significance of promptly informing users about changes in their feedback status, the implementation of email notifications becomes paramount. To accomplish this, an email template was designed as part of this project.

Responsive Website: The existing Stocate website lacks responsiveness. This project encompassed the creation of a mobile-centric view, all while considering and incorporating valuable user feedback.

Components Sheet: Aggregated all components and elements into a meticulously organized file, facilitating seamless accessibility for streamlined implementation during future design modifications.

other projects

product process flow.

view figma

user feedback dashboard.

view figma

user feedback email.

view figma

responsive website.

view figma

components sheet.

view figma

moving forward.

impact: Stocate is a fast-paced startup and the development team is diligently translating my designs into action. I have addressed over 200 user feedback points, each poised to substantially elevate the product's overall quality and user experience.

what I learned/improved:

  • Improved my leadership skills while mentoring volunteers 

  • Given I was the only full-time employee, I learned to self-manage big projects

  • My design skills/techniques improved significantly 

take aways

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