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brawl stars redesign idea #5.

improve accessibility of daily freebie

Used user research cohort to identify issue

user research.

problem identification.

Problem: most users visit the shop to collect their daily freebie, but users have to scroll through the offers first

Current Version:

Brainstormed a potential solution and conducted user testing with cohort for additional inputs

ideating potential solutions.

Combined the offers into one sliding panel such that users can easily access their "DAILY FREEBIE"

design solution.

user testing.

Feedback: it is not clear that the deals automatically cycle

Updated Version:

Method: Present the design solution to cohorts for immediate feedback

It is important to note that this redesign will be frowned upon by Brawl Stars as it hides their special offers which is bad for marketing. Hence, this redesign is solely for the benefit of users. ​

why is this better?

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