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brawl stars redesign idea #6.

improve accessibility of selecting in-game emotes

Used user research cohort to identify issue

user research.

problem identification.

Problem: it takes too many taps to select in-game emotes (click on brawlers, find brawler, click on "..." icon bottom left)

Current Version:

Brainstormed a potential solution and conducted user testing with cohort for additional inputs

ideating potential solutions.

Added the emote button on the main page.

design solution.

user testing.

Feedback: add Power Point to the home page as well so that we can see all our currencies on one screen

Updated Version:

Method: Present the design solution to cohorts for immediate feedback

Emote is a commonly used feature by every user. However, many do not actually know how to customize it. This solution successfully improve saccessibility when locating the emote button. 

why is this better?

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