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brawl stars redesign idea #1.

improve accessibility of finding brawlers

Used X, Brawl Stars forum, and user research cohort to identify issue

user research.

problem identification.

Problem: Difficult to find brawlers, filter is difficult to use since users do not know the other options

Current Version:

Brainstormed potential solutions and conducted user testing with cohort for additional inputs

ideating potential solutions.

Asked cohort to rank filters to decide in which order they should be displayed

hierarchy exercise.

Added a search bar, alphabetical filter option, and rearranged the filters from most to least important

design solution.

user testing.

Feedback: Filter is too long, need a filter that categorizes brawlers given their class

Updated Version:

Method: Present the design solution to cohorts for immediate feedback

This solution solves the most prominent frustration casual and hardcore users face when playing Brawl Stars. By adding a search bar and improving the filter, users will have an easier time finding their brawlers.

why is this better?

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